Image Professional Photography was established in 1972 and began as a weddings photography business. Soon after we were photographing babies, christenings, communions, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, graduations, anniversaries and even funerals.

As our clientele became established in the corporate community, Image was called to do executive portraits, catalogue work and annual reports. We have recorded the progress at construction and demolition sites and photographed accident scenes and victims for insurance and court cases. Our product photography has appeared nation wide in retail outlets and on all manner of packaging. Our clients have taken us across Canada and throughout the USA. Over the years we have photographed film and television celebrities, politicians at all levels of government, religious leaders and Royalty.

With time methods and equipment have changed. We began by hand processing black and white and colour photographs in our own darkroom. Now we have scanning, digital manipulation and print output capabilities. Originally there was eight mm movie film with cut and splice editing. That was replaced by VHS video, S-VHS and Hi 8 with on line editing. Now we have digital capture and computerized editing.

Image Professional Photography is pleased to continue serving the photographic needs of the community with a unique combination of sensitivity, technology and experience.